GW-009B finished shoe bending test machine

GW-009B finished shoe twists and turns test machine
Introduction of instrument:
The finished shoes are installed on the test machine of the finished shoes, and the zigzag parts of the test finished shoes are driven through the zigzag position of the shoe type and the fixed rate of the zigzag machine through the test machine of the finished shoes, and the finished shoes are observed and tested after the predetermined time is reached or the prescribed twists and turns are completed. In order to evaluate the tortuous performance of the finished shoes, the damage of the tortuous parts can be evaluated to complete the number of tortuous times or to complete the tortuous number of tortuous times.
Reference standard: SATRA-TM92 and other standards.
Technical specifications:
1: at the same time, you can test two pairs of shoes (4).
2: resistance to zigzag angle: 0 to 70 degree adjustable.
3: resistance to zigzag: 0 to 150cpm adjustable.
4: allowable sample length: 150 to 400mm.
5: Volume: 99*69*78cm.
6: Motor: DC1/2HP.
7: counter: LCD, 0-999999.
8: weight: 180kg.


Random parts:
With a large, small press each set, six angle wrench 1.

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