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One of the core of lean production: seven waste
From: dongguan guofeng testing instrument co., LTD. Post date: 2018-04-17

一、库存浪费1. Waste of stock

The lean production thinks that "inventory is the root of all evil", and all improvement actions will directly or indirectly eliminate inventory.
(1) unnecessary transportation, stacking, placement, protection, search and so on.
3. Loss interest and management expenses. The value of articles will decrease and become dull.
The occupation of the factory room, workshop, warehouse construction caused by excess capacity and the equipment personnel demand misjudgment
The lean producer thinks that the stock will hide the problem, and the "problem" is considered as a treasure in the lean producer. If the problem can be found and solved continuously, the benefit will continue to come into being.
1, the lack of management tension, impeding improvement:
2, a large number of inventory, due to mechanical failure, adverse consequences caused by bad products can not immediately appear, so there will be no countermeasures.
3, because of the sufficient stock, the problem can be put on top of the stock when problems arise. The problem can be solved slowly or even without solving it. At the least, it is covered up, not urgent and will not be investigated by the superior, so the work results of this department come out.

Two, transition production (excessive or premature waste).

The TPS that is "timely production".
We do more to improve efficiency and reduce production losses (ahead can not do not do white, the machine is not the same as parked?)
1, early use of material and labor costs will not bring any benefits.
2, hide the "waiting for waste" and make managers ignore the occurrence and existence of waiting.
3, overstock is in progress, making the production cycle L/T longer and invisible, and will make the workspace larger and unknowingly devour our profits.
4, generate transportation and accumulation waste. First in first out is difficult.

Three, quality defects (waste of defective products)

We have any bad products, all caused by materials, machines, artificial waste etc..
The early detection of bad products, easy to identify bad sources, thereby reducing the production of defective product.
The key is the first time to put things right, "zero defect??"

Four. Transport (transportation waste)

The most people all agree handling is an ineffective action, some people think that handling is a must.
The "conveyor belt" way to overcome, OK?
1, take away the waste; 2, wait for waste; 3, WIP is too much waste; 4, space waste.
The waste handling consists of placing, stacking, moving, finishing the action of waste.

Five, processing (processing waste)

The definition: refers to the progress of the project and has nothing to do with the processing precision of the unnecessary processing
I have some processing procedures can be omitted, substitution, restructuring or merger.
I often think of the good habits and practices now

Six, action waste

12 kinds of action waste:
The idle hands - one hand free - incoherent - pause is too large - right hand - foot - exchange
The turn angle - moving state transform - Unknown - action - skills stretch back the unnecessary action repeated bend action

Seven, waiting for waste

The production line of the varieties of switching work less, will do nothing - often lack of material, equipment idle
It processes the delay, have nothing to do the downstream equipment failure - production line process is not balanced
- there are uneven distribution of the phenomenon of manufacturing or design non delivery notification

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