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Jiang Yajun, mayor of Houjie Town, visited the world footwear world shoe headquarters.
From: dongguan guofeng testing instrument co., LTD. Post date: 2018-04-17

On the morning of March 11th, Jiang Yajun, the mayor of Houjie town of Dongguan, was accompanied by Wang Jihehe, deputy director of the Bureau of credit bureau, Chen Jilie, to visit the base of the world shoe industry. Liu Yikong, deputy general manager of the world shoe base, led the whole staff to accompany him. It is understood that this survey is mainly the government of Houjie town to visit the grass-roots enterprise, to understand the difficulties of the enterprise, to listen to the sound of the enterprise, and to make suggestions for the further development of the enterprise.

This year is also a tough year for many enterprises. In the case of severe environmental prediction, Houjie town government intends to understand and find problems through visiting enterprises. When Jiang Yajun and his leader came to the world shoe headquarters, they first visited the monitoring room. Jiang Yajun emphasized: "such a large building must pay attention to fire fighting. Safety first. " Liu Yikong said that the headquarters base has always attached great importance to fire problems, and invested a lot of money in building fire protection.
Then, the two sides held a brief meeting. At the meeting, Jiang Yajun once again reiterated the purpose of the investigation, which is to go deep into the grass-roots of the big enterprises, listen to the real voice of the enterprise and understand the needs of the development of the enterprise. "You are an enterprise, so your idea must be the most real and profound. There is no difficulty in telling the government. " Jiang Yajun said.

Liu Yikong briefly introduced the current investment situation of headquarters base and later investment arrangements. At present, the first floor business has completed 100%, and the two floor has completed 85%. Besides the reserved ones, the office rent is basically rented and sold. Liu Yikong said, "now several large trading companies have been settled, and more than ten are being renovated. It is a trading company associated with the shoe industry. "
For the 3 floor and the negative 1 floor investment, Liu Yikong has also made arrangements, and is expected to start business 18 this month. "In order to offer preferential treatment to businesses, some shops in the early stage may only charge property fees and utilities." There is a factory direct selling company in Guangzhou. 50 shops have been taken away. It is expected that the contract can be concluded within this week.
At the beginning of this year, Zhang Dong held a high-level meeting. Many ideas have been put forward on how to stabilize the customers of the world shoe base. Liu Yikong told you, "we have trading companies, so that they can buy shoes materials directly from our shoe material shops, and pick up materials nearby. Every week, we will also hold seminars, seminars, chamber activities and so on to attract customers. Jiang Yajun was in favor of it. He said: "this direction is very high-end, and it is also very good. We must develop well.
In reflecting the needs of the world shoe headquarters base, Liu Yikong mentioned the following points: first, the start of the two phase of the world shoe headquarters base needs the strong support of the town government. At present, the CTC company in France has been stationed in the headquarters base, and many large trade companies are also in succession, and the office building of the first phase is basically sold out. If more enterprises are introduced, the two stage of construction is necessary.
Besides, now there are more than 300 merchants in the world shoe industry headquarters, most of which are not Houjie town. The enrollment degree of children has become a big problem. Liu Yikong once again stood at the merchant's perspective, asking Jiang Yajun whether the government has relevant incentive policies to help businesses develop better.
According to the current development of the headquarters base, the establishment of the electricity supplier association is also imminent. "We opened the meeting a few years ago. We hope to set up an electricity supplier association to make online and offline promotion. Liu Yikong said he plans to set up an electricity supplier Association earlier. Jiang Yajun expressed support.
"Your company's ideas are wider than ours, so we want to hear your real needs." Jiang Yajun encourages enterprises to speak out their minds boldly. Liu Yikong once again expounded the difficult problem of entering the business to handle certificates. "Every businessman can't go to the office every day, but he doesn't open the door." Jiang Yajun, after listening, deeply expressed that it is very right, the government intends to arrange a special docking, and let the headquarters base arrange people to collect the information of the merchants, and then reunification.
After listening to Liu Yikong's exposition, Jiang Yajun said he would reflect the needs of the headquarters base to the government. As for the degree of business, there is a need for further coordination. For the time being, there are two ideas, one is integral admission, the other is two before tax, ten can award a degree.
Jiang Yajun said: "the government will do justice in the whole town. This year's environmental prediction is not very good. The government is also considering the burden and survival of enterprises. If the government can solve it, it will help solve it. The government also hopes that the company will survive well.
Liu Yikong expressed his gratitude for the concern of the government. "As an enterprise, we also want to do something for the government, drive the regional economy, pay more taxes and stabilize the customers."

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