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Vietnam has joined hands with the European Union to push the footwear industry in
From: dongguan guofeng testing instrument co., LTD. Post date: 2018-04-17

Kay Monica, Deputy Secretary General of the Kampuchea clothing association, said that the negotiations between Vietnam and the EU's free trade zone (FTA) have come to an end, and the agreement may be signed in the present (2015) year.
The relevant agreements or two years after the formal entry into force, when Vietnamese goods will get the EU tariff free preferences, will bring a great impact on the Kampuchea garment industry, so the local business must be prepared first.

Canal said, two years is not a long time, manufacturers should start planning countermeasures from now on.
The Ministry of commerce is also worried about the establishment of a free trade area between Vietnam and the European Union, which has a major impact on the garment industry and footwear industry in Kampuchea.
Song Supa, director general of trade services in the Ministry of Commerce, said that the Ministry of commerce is hoping to facilitate and reduce costs to meet future challenges through various efforts.
At present, the labor cost of Kampuchea and Vietnam is not very different, but Vietnamese workers have higher productivity and enjoy more advantages in production lines and exports.
When Vietnam enjoys the same preferential treatment system as Kampuchea, Kampuchea's ready made clothes and shoes will lose competitiveness.
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Recently, the grotesque Mexico spout boots became the fashion design in the 2015 spring and summer fashion show of the famous Japanese fashion brand, Wakubo Ling, held in Paris in 2014.
Vice magazine in the video the beak is popular accident boots. At first people simply turned their boots on, and the people in the neighbouring towns began to compete more sharply than their shoes, and the boot was getting sharper, beyond the control of the people.
This trend rises with the popularity of tribal music. It is also an example of fluid music culture popular in Mexico and the United States. It is not known what the impact of the pointed shoe on the mainstream American fashion will be, but after all, it has crossed the ocean and is popular in the US.

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