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Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province has become China Synthetic Leather Industry CBD
From: dongguan guofeng testing instrument co., LTD. Post date: 2014-04-21

Water-based ecological research and development of artificial leather synthetic leather Changfeng has supplier to the world's top 500 enterprises IKEA Group ; within six months , 80% of companies have installed solid waste reduction equipment ; large area of DMF recovery tower multi-stage spray new device , has made a double environmental and economic benefits . December 19 , Wenzhou Synthetic Leather Chamber of Commerce meeting in five secondary members revealed the industry transformation and upgrading of the results and said, " has become China Wenzhou Synthetic Leather Industry CBD".
According to reports , in recent years , warm place to build a number of providers in the country for nearly 150 synthetic leather enterprises , and the completion of a number of industry groups in neighboring Wenzhou and other places , so with the " China Synthetic Leather Capital " features the industry circle, forming " Zhongxingpengyue " potential, temperature control of the domestic synthetic leather supplier eighty percent of the market . China Light Industry Union leaders after the investigation status of domestic synthetic leather industry has said , Wenzhou Synthetic Leather , has gradually become a " Chinese synthetic leather CBD".
Statistics show that since 2001 , Wenzhou Synthetic Leather from more than 70 billion yuan of industrial output value rose to 14.9 billion yuan , the export delivery value rose from $ 022 million to about $ 500 million , the products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions. Currently , the country has a unique Wenzhou synthetic leather complete industrial chain , to form a synthetic leather as a link to the annual output value of 130 billion yuan of special industries circle and radiation throughout the country . Vice President of China Light Industry Union , China Plastic Association chairman Gui Jing Qian visit to Wenzhou after believes Wenzhou synthetic leather industry really " Asia 's largest and world famous ."
Wenzhou Synthetic Leather Chamber of Commerce president Wang Yongkang said that after twenty years by leaps and bounds , Wenzhou synthetic leather industry now has an annual output value of more than 50 billion yuan enterprises , more than 10 more than 200 million yuan , the formation of " goods"-shaped structure leading business groups . Among nearly six years , a group of entrepreneurs, went to Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu , Anhui, Jiangxi and other places surrounding the city of Wenzhou to build nearly 150 synthetic leather enterprises .
" Synthetic leather industry group surrounding their investment in Wenzhou and other places , with headquarters in Wenzhou Synthetic Leather echoes form a highly specialized industry circles ." IIC believes that the phenomenon of population expansion synthetic leather industry in Wenzhou , Wenzhou headquarters did not weaken as the " China Synthetic Leather capital "of power and influence , on the contrary , the industrial community outside of Wenzhou , Wenzhou Synthetic Leather headquarters to promote the gradual upgrading of technology development, technology innovation base , and thus toward high-end products , high-end industry . Currently, Wenzhou Synthetic Leather cleaner production , innovations made in the field of recycling economy , development of the industry has become a weathervane .
Currently, in the original river through the bridge , Kim , Huanglong synthetic leather on the market , will continue to become bigger and stronger Wenzhou Xintai synthetic leather shoes market and the Chinese shoe market . In addition, according to the latest plan, to be adopted by the investment Longwan synthetic leather construction market , planned land 178 mu, building area 356,000 square meters , including commodity trading , logistics and distribution areas, business support areas, integrated management center and quality monitoring center forming industry price vane system

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