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Leather accelerating technological innovation to improve value-added products
From: dongguan guofeng testing instrument co., LTD. Post date: 2014-04-21

Yesterday, reporter learned from relevant departments , textile and apparel -related "leather product safety and quality labels Act" amendment came into force. The revision of the contents of a lot, covers a wide range , giving the city a number of leather manufacturing industry has brought no small challenge.
It is reported that high risk products as leather products , has been suffering from chemical residue problems , which frequently outside the recall notification . EU non-food consumer Rapid Alert System notification and U.S. CPSC detained Chinese product data, for example , in 2013 only in leather products made in China, the European Union and the United States reached 38 cases notified since , " in the door " is also mostly technical content and low value-added products , mainly for shoes , boots , leather gloves , baby shoes four categories . Because leather is often used in shoes, clothing , and human contact for a long time and where the toxic and hazardous substances particularly serious impact on human health , therefore , the world has a corresponding law for leather products in the control of toxic and hazardous substances .
The revision of the contents of a lot , including the following aspects , first of all, in terms of chemical substances , new entrants to the 10 categories of restricted substances , these substances and the body respectively leather products in order to develop their level of personal leather goods in infants , children leather products , underwear, clothes mezzanine , outerwear, bedding, and other leather products limits ; Secondly, in terms of physical properties , the new requirements of small parts baby leather products , leather goods for babies and children and rope drawstring requirements, and magnet requirements ; third, labeling , new baby leather goods warning for small parts ; Finally, the leather into finished leather , stacked leather combination of leather , synthetic leather , and add or modify a some jargon.
Therefore , the city Quality and Technical Supervision , responsible person to remind the majority of enterprises , external pressure should become intrinsic motivation . On the one hand improve the root causes of leather products , raw materials and formulations , and actively improve the environmental performance of products and ecological safety standards , strengthen project monitoring of chemical substances , from raw materials to finished products to ensure every process quality and safety requirements are met ; other efforts to improve production equipment levels , establish a green brand awareness to accelerate technological innovation and higher value added products , to seize the opportunity to further expand the living space

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